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Richard Montanaro,

Managing Director

Luisa Montanaro,

Procurement Director

Diego & Nadia Constante,

Directors of Mission Outreach

Glendy Gutierrez,

Media Director



Pr. Glenn Aguirre, M. Div,


Senior Pastor of the Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church in Georgia.  He has been a Pastor for almost 19 years, and his emphasis is on teaching the Word of God in ways that are practical and understandable.  He has a wife named Celena, R.N., and they've been married for almost 16 years.  They have four children, Micaella, 13, Jacob, 12, Madelyn, 8, and Milana, 5.  He loves to travel to preach and teach, but also to learn and to try different foods from around the world.  He has traveled on mission to Cuba, Taiwan, Ghana, the Marshall Islands, and more, but his ultimate goal is heaven.  

Pr. Ismir Efrén Muñoz Barajas, Advisor

Licensed in Theology, with 3 years of his licenser in Music Education in the University of Montemorelos. He is the Director of music in the Mexican Union in Chiapas (UNCH). Pastor Ismir has 5 record label productions under his belt. He has composed more than 250 hymns. He is also the founder of La Biblia Cantada (The Bible in Song), a ministry with the purpose of telling the Bible through music. To this date, more than 300 Bible verses have been transformed into songs. Pastor Ismir and his wife Beatriz Foreta Romero hope to continue to spread the word of God now through Bibles for children.

Pr. Rogelio Morales,


Pastor Morales has always had a passion for mission and children. He is the founder of a Pathfinder Club in Center Calicanto Chiapas, Mexico. He is an active member of The Mexican Union of Chiapas (UNCH). As a Director of Publication in the UNCH, he has specialized and educated many more in the mission of Canvassing. His great experience in outreach has driven him into many project all across Chiapas, Mexico. Pastor Rogelio Morales played an enormous role in the transportation and distribution of the Bibles for Project Gema. He is committed into making this project a success.

Daryl Roberts,


President of LIVE2540, Inc. 

BA from UGA / Masters in Counseling from State University of West Georgia.

Founded LIVE2540 in 2008 after a short term trip to Liberia, West Africa.  He has since been working in the non-profit sector for 15 years.  LIVE2540 now serves thousands of children through their malnutrition, feeding, and education programs in Liberia, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and the Philippines.

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